About The Alabama Tax Tribunal

The Alabama Tax Tribunal was created by the Taxpayer Fairness Act, Act 2014-146, and became operational on October 1, 2014. The Tribunal is an independent executive branch agency that provides taxpayers with an impartial, easy, and efficient method of appealing from final assessments entered and refunds denied by the Revenue Department and self-administered counties and municipalities that have not opted out of the Tribunal’s jurisdiction. The Tribunal also hears disputed motor vehicle title and licensing cases and other disputes involving the Department.

Hearings before the Tribunal are conducted by a Tribunal Judge, and are user-friendly and informal. A court reporter will record the proceedings. You may represent yourself, or you may be represented by an attorney, CPA, or other authorized representative of your choosing.

Your appeal to the Tribunal should be mailed to:

Alabama Tax Tribunal
7515 Halcyon Summit Drive, Suite 103
Montgomery, AL 36117

Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link if you have any questions. You may also contact the Tribunal staff directly at 334-954-7195.